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Benefits of the COVID-19 Booster Shot

COVID-19 Virus

Most fully vaccinated people against the Coronavirus are well-protected against serious illnesses or death from the disease. However, even the most highly effective vaccines become less effective with time, especially when viruses mutate and develop new variants. Research has shown that COVID-19 vaccines that protect you from the Coronavirus eventually lose their power against infection over time. However, getting a third shot of the vaccine – called a booster shot – can supercharge your vaccine's effectiveness.

This article will look at the benefits of the COVID-19 booster shot and share some guidelines for you to follow when going for your booster.

Benefits of the COVID-19 Booster Shot

Booster shots are just a type of vaccine and since vaccines are currently the best defense against COVID-19 and its serious effects, getting a booster shot makes complete sense.

Research has found that antibodies from vaccines decline over time in the general population, but vaccines produce higher antibody levels in our bodies. These high levels make it less likely for us to get sick from the Coronavirus. What booster shots do is increase antibodies by about ten times while providing further protection against the newer variants of the virus, such as the Omicron variant.

Booster shots are great for people with weak immune systems. People who are moderately to severely immunocompromised due to diseases like cancer or HIV can benefit from booster shots. This is because they are more likely to suffer a long-term, serious illness from COVID. People with weak immune systems might not respond as strongly to vaccines. Their bodies may not make enough antibodies to fight the disease. Hence, a booster shot will only provide them with extra protection.  

Who Can Get a COVID-19 Booster Shot in the United States?

According to the CDC, everyone in the U.S., aged 12 and above should get a COVID-19 booster shot. The CDC's guidelines regarding booster shots are as follows:

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Now that you understand the benefits of the COVID-19 booster shot, boost your immunity to the Coronavirus by getting a COVID-19 booster shot. To make an appointment with a healthcare provider at Health One Family Medicine or perform COVID-19 Testing, visit or call (469)262-5762.

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