When Snoring Can Harm Your Health

What is Snoring?

Snoring is the noisy pattern of breathing that is created due to the constriction of the throat and other airways. The throat muscles move and vibrate with every breath that goes in and out of the body. As the airway becomes narrower, the noise of the vibration becomes progressively louder - which is what snoring really is.

Causes of Snoring

Essentially an individual snores when there is something that obstructs the passage of air through the mouth and the nose. There are numerous causes that can lead to a completely or partially restricted air flow. Some of them are outlined below:

Health Risks Associated with Snoring

Continuous unchecked snoring can create more problems for you than just irritating your partner – it can genuinely adversely affect you health. Some of the health risks associated with snoring includes:

Other common conditions associated with snoring include GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Nocturia, anxiety, depression, fetal complications in pregnant women, as well as a lack of libido and sexual satisfaction.

In case snoring is a problem for you or your loved one, it’s advisable that you visit your primary care physician to rule out the possibility of an underlying health concern. To set up an appointment at Health One Family Medicine with Dr. Shalin Parikh, please call 469-262-5762. For more information, please visit www.healthonemedicine.com.

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