Which Medicines Are Safe to Take in Pregnancy?

Treating an ailment can get complicated during pregnancy. You might be tempted to try out the usual medications you took pre-pregnancy but you should also be hesitant due to side effects. The medications could be safe for you but they might not be safe for the baby. It is usually best to not take unnecessary medications during pregnancy, especially in your first trimester. However, this certainly does not mean you have to keep on suffering. Listed below are some medications and therapies that are safe to use while you are pregnant, but please be sure to consult your doctor first.

Safe Medications during Pregnancy


Flu and  Cold




It is essential to keep in mind that no medication is 100% safe during pregnancy, it is always best to consult your doctor before taking any new medication.  

Safe Alternative Therapies during Pregnancy

Many women rely on alternative therapies, especially during pregnancy, to avoid any pains and uncomfortable feelings.  Usually these therapies are safe, since they are natural. However, natural doesn’t always mean safe, which is why it is always recommended to consult your doctor before you opt for any new therapy.



Labor Pain

Alternative Therapies to Be Avoided

The following are some alternative therapies that should be avoided during pregnancy as they might harm the baby. Some increase the possibility of early labor and others may lead to birth defects.

Oral Supplements 

Essential Oils


Getting sick during pregnancy adds to the stress about which pills to take and whether they have side effects that can harm your baby. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you avoid taking any medication, therapy or supplement you have doubts about and consult your doctor before you use any medication that hasn’t been prescribed.  


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