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COVID-19 Rapid Test


Who should get a COVID-19 Rapid test?
If you are feeling sick with a fever, cough, trouble breathing, upper respiratory infection, loss of sense of taste or smell, or general flu like symptoms OR you have been in close contact for 15 min or more with someone who tested positive, you should get tested..

When will I get my results?
Rapid tests will take around 15 minutes and you can get results before you leave. Please schedule an online appointment to reserve a spot..

How much does the COVID-19 Rapid test cost? What if I am not insured?
The lab costs of COVID-19 testing are covered by most insurance companies. You may be responsible for the co-pay and deductible for the office visit. Please check our accepted insurance to find out if we take your insurance..
For uninsured patients, we will have a self-pay option with a prompt-pay price of $175. This covers the COVID-19 evaluation, testing, and all associated lab costs..

What is the testing process?
An evaluation will first be performed by the health care provider via a virtual/telemedicine appointment. After the appointment, your test will be administered from your car. One of our technicians will come to you and administer the test in our parking lot..

What if I have a negative Rapid test but still have symptoms?
The current recommendation is to have a confirmation test performed (the PCR test) if you still have symptoms and have had a negative rapid test.


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