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Physicals and annual checkup exams provide critical information essential to helping patients of all ages lead healthier lives. At Health One Family Medicine in Irving, Texas, Dr. Shalin Parikh performs comprehensive physical exams to diagnose disease and other issues in their earliest stages so patients can enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Physicals & Annual Check Ups Q & A

Why are physicals important?

Physical exams provide the doctor with important information about a person's overall health in addition to helping the doctor identify signs and symptoms of diseases in their earliest stages when treatment can be simpler and less costly. Treating medical problems in their early stages also helps patients enjoy better health and wellness, especially as they get older and serious chronic issues like hypertension and heart disease become more common. Having an annual checkup results in an ongoing medical record that can ensure every patient receives the most appropriate care based on their evolving medical needs, lifestyle issues and risk factors, including health screenings, lab work, and immunizations to help patients avoid serious diseases.

What does an annual checkup include?

An annual checkup begins with a medical history to help the doctor identify potential risk factors for diseases, followed by a review of any symptoms or concerns the patient may have. The doctor or nurse will weigh the patient and take a blood pressure measurement, and the doctor will listen to the heart and lungs using a stethoscope. The belly and neck will be gently palpated to check for signs of tenderness or swelling that could indicate an underlying problemĀ and the ears and throat will also be visually examined. Other evaluations will be performed based on the patient's specific needs and risk factors, including clinical breast exams or prostate exams. Once the office exam is complete, the doctor may order additional testing or lab work, and the patient will receive medical guidance aimed at helping him or her lead a healthier life.

How can I prepare for my physical?

Patients should be ready to provide in-depth information about their own medical history, including a list of medications and supplements they're taking, and the medical history of near relatives to help identify possible risk factors for diseases. If lab work like blood testing is ordered prior to the exam, it's important to have that testing completed at least a week or two in advance so the results will be ready to review and discuss during the examination.


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