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Health One Family Medicine is a top provider of urgent care for patients in Irving, Texas. Dr. Shalin Parikh is skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of both acute and chronic conditions, offering timely treatment for illnesses, injuries, and other urgent care issues so patients can resolve symptoms and lead healthier lives.

Urgent Care Q & A

What is urgent care?

Urgent care is medical care that's provided for patients with acute diseases or injuries that require prompt attention but which are not life-threatening or otherwise serious enough to require emergency care. Some examples of conditions that can benefit from urgent care include:

  • colds and flu

  • earaches, sinus pain or sore throats

  • persistent or chronic headaches

  • diarrhea or vomiting

  • sprains and strains

  • insect bites and stings

  • tendonitis

  • allergies

  • back pain and joint pain

Urgent care doctors are also able to provide some lab testing and diagnostic services to help determine and treat an array of injuries and diseases. Urgent care doctors “bridge the gap” between general medical care and emergency care, helping patients get prompt attention and care for timely relief of symptoms.

What are the benefits of seeing an urgent care doctor instead of going to an emergency room?

Emergency rooms are designed and equipped to handle very serious and life-threatening medical conditions like injuries from major car accidents, heart attacks, strokes, seizures and serious fractures. As a result, patients with less critical needs will need to wait for long periods of time before being seen. That means their own treatment will be delayed and they also can be exposed to other diseases while waiting. Plus, because of the additional equipment and staffing needs, emergency room care is also much more costly. Urgent care doctors are able to provide care much more quickly so patients can begin treatment and relieve their symptoms faster, and the cost of care is usually significantly less.

Does urgent care require an appointment?

No, urgent care doctors can accommodate walk-in patients. However, calling ahead when possible helps ensure the doctor and staff are prepared for the patient's arrival so they can receive care more quickly. Urgent care can be especially helpful in ensuring patients with very busy schedules (including students and children) get the care they need when they need it with as little disruption to their own routines as possible.


At Health One Family Medicine, we value the health of every family member and want to make sure that our services are affordable for every patient. For that reason, we accept a wide variety of insurances. If you have any questions about the type of insurances we accept, please call our office. There will be a $25 charge for any missed appointments that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance.

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